Our brand is based the connectivity to the Aloha Spirit and the people of Hawaii.

Although the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, and its culture, have always been considered by many as the world’s most beautiful, that beauty is secondary when comparing it to the Spirit and Way of Aloha!

Off Da Chain Hawaii looks to inspire a sense of connectivity between The Islands and the people who love Hawaii, while sharing positivity within the Spirit of Aloha.

No matter what your association may be, there is something special that connects and “links” us all together in a chain like fashion and it is the power and strength of the Way of Aloha and the Aloha Spirit.

The great thing about the Aloha Spirit is it can be taken with you where ever you are!

We look forward to providing you with apparel and gear that will share, promote and inspire the Spirit of Aloha, with a greater sense of connectivity between ALL who enjoy Hawaii.